Welcome to the webpage of Shuji Yoshikawa

Here is the webpage of Shuji Yoshikawa.

My research field is nonlinear partial differential equations. Recently I am also interested in the topics on numerical analysis.

In particular my interests are directed to the mathematical model related with the material mechanics such as thermoelasď˝”icity and plasticity.



Staff/GradeNameResearch Interest
ProfessorShuji YoshikawaMathematical analysis for thermoelasticity and plasticity.
M1Kazuki Shimura Numerical analysis for the visco-elastic problem with phase separation
B4Yuki Tanino Structure-preserving finite difference method for non-uniform mesh
Issei Yamada Structure-preserving finite difference scheme for nonlinear thermoelasticity
Kentaro Yoshikawa Numerical analysis for elastic-viscoelastic-elastic composite materials
B3Takuto Nagata
Kazuki Rikimaru
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